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  • Set of 4 - Two AA and Two AAA Battery Storage Box, Battery Storage Case, Battery Holder Clear …

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    Brand Name: GlossyEnd

    Product ID: 047393545664

    Item Number: 45664

    Item Details:

    ·     Set of 4 - Two AA and Two AAA Handy Battery Storage Box

    ·     Each Box Provides Storage for up to 12 Batteries

    ·     Constructed from High Impact Plastic

    ·     Safe and secure for Refrigerator Storage

    ·     Snap Lid Keeps Batteries Safely Inside

    Product Description:

    This Set of 4 - AA and AAA Battery Storage Boxes is an excellent battery organizer for storing and protecting AA and AAA batteries. These plastic battery storage boxes hold up to twelve batteries at a time and includes a movable divider to help you keep fresh and dead rechargeable batteries separate.