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  • 200 Purple and Pink Glossy Merchandise Bags, Shopping Bags, 9” X 12” with Die Cut Handle, No Gusset, 1.25 Mil.

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    Brand Name: GlossyEnd

    Product ID: 047393545725

    Item Number: GE45725

    Item Details:

    ·     200 Bags - 100 Purple and 100 Pink Glossy Bags, with Die Cut Handles, 9"x12",

    ·     Made from High Quality Strong LDPE, 1.25 Gauge, No Gusset, 100% Recyclable.

    ·     Beautiful Colors, Your Customers Will Appreciate the Handle and Elegant Look.

    ·     Great Merchandise Bag for Small Retail Stores, Convenient Shops and Party Guests.

    ·     These Bags are for Smaller Items if You Need Larger Bags Check Out our 12" x 15" Bags

    Product Description:

    Total of 200 Bags - 100 Purple and 100 Pink Glossy Bags with Die Cut Handles, 9"x12", No Gusset, Strong 1.25 Gauge. Low density Merchandise Bags strong and durable, and the die-cut carrying handle makes them very user-friendly. Recyclable with Regular Low Density Plastic Material.