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Fruit Veggie & Produce Life Extender Liner for Refrigerator Drawers, 4 Pack …

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Brand Name: GlossyEnd

Product ID: 047393545695

Item Number: GE45695

Item Details:

Install these life extender liners in your fridge to keep your produce fresher for longer!

These innovative foam fridge liners allow air to circulate throughout the drawer to prevent your fruit and veggies from rotting or spoiling.

Saves money on your grocery bills by prolonging the life of your produce.

Includes a total of FOUR 12" x 15" refrigerator drawer liners that are easy to trim-to-size with scissors.

Product Description:

Fruit life extending liner keeps produce fresher longer. Open-cell, foam liner allows air to circulate beneath food in refrigerator bins so fruits and veggies stay crisp and full of flavor. Saves money by reducing spoilage.